The problem with cheap Madden 23 ltds this quote below is the fact that his arm- or his use of it at a minimumhas not been as efficient than the average Broadway performer. While he was a starter for the Jets He was historically poor at the position of quarterback, however, that didn't stop the Jets to sign him to a multi-million dollar extension. Also, we shouldn't forget: the butt fumble.

The butt fumble took place during the national network's primetime Thanksgiving game played against a division rival, one of three Jets mishaps that lead to three Patriots touchdowns within the space of 52 seconds. It became the rare sports phenomenon that became viral outside the world of sports fans; EVERYONE saw it.

It was the final straw for Sanchez as an Jet. Rex Ryan spent the rest of the season vacillating among Sanchez in the absence of Greg McElroy as the starter however neither could make a compelling case for the position. The two did not make a case to serve as a backup in the end.

The following year, 2013 was the year Sanchez's last in New York. He was injured in his shoulder playing behind a improvised offensive line during the fourth quarter of a preseason gamethat's when the tabloids and sports radio were awed by this . Ryan announced rookie Geno Smith the starter while Sanchez was recovering. After the October season, Sanchez was treated for a season-ending injury which was a prelude to his eventual release in the spring of next year. It was a sweet end to a bleak two seasons.

And yet.

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