EAFC 24 Coins: Best Young Wingers To Sign In Career Mode

This is not only annoying but also time-consuming. It even defeats the logic of having so many objectives to complete.

Besides, it’s hard to tell if you’ve completed specific objectives. EA should add a Aldquo;Collect All ObjectivesArdquo; button to make the process more satisfying.

The FC 24 was full of glitches and comic issues. For example, an online multiplayer match can become unbearable to play.

From weird camera angles to latency issues, it soon becomes a frustrating experience.

The same case applies to the game’s physics. Your players can do comic yet random acts such as a player going through a player.

EA should fix these bugs or at least keep them to a minimum in the EA Sports FC game.

Another improvement EA can make is to make rivalry matches more electrifying. For example, they can include manager interviews before derby games and make the matches more physical.

Another stellar feature they can include is cutscenes of your players using items you’ve bought in your Career Mode.

It wouldn’t hurt to include more awards such as Asian Best Player or the Balon d’Or. EA can then include cutscenes of your players accepting the awards.

This can significantly bolster the feel and play of the game.

EA Sports FC’s presentation should take a new approach. So much on-the-pitch action makes FIFA trailers stale.

EA should introduce more off-the-pitch scenes. Maybe cover some controversial moments that happened in the previous season.

The Best Young Left Backs To Sign In FC 24 Career Mode

The most famous formations in cheap EA FC 24 Coins Career Mode, including the iconic 4-3-3 and 4-4-2, would generally require you to have four at the back. Keeping this in mind, you must sign good players for these positions to solidify your squad and win titles.